Lean Life is temporarily closed, 

we updating our course material 

sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are interested in taking this course,

 email us at: Myrnamethod@gmail.com

and we will add you to our waiting list for the next available Lean Life course.

Course includes:

    -Educational videos by Myrna

    -Meal planning worksheets using

      MyrnaMethod formulas

    -Weekly livestreams with Myrna

    -Comprehensive cookbook of

      approved myrna food

      combinations  (pdf)

    -2 month access to member only

     course material.    


    -Increase in energy

    -Removes food addictions & over eating

    -Regulates blood sugar

    -Increases athletic performance

    -Maintains ideal body weight without dieting

    -Total understanding on how nutrition works,

       which you can use to scrutinize dieting myths.   

Do you struggle with maintaining your ideal body weight? 

Do you feel somedays you are trapped in a food prison?   

Are you confused about nutrition, not really sure what you should be eating?   

   Registered Dietitian Myrna Haag walks you through a revolutionary approach to meal planning that recalibrates your metabolism.  Her patients are living their healthiest and leanest years, with no relapse, and in many cases reduced medications. Myrna has researched a biochemical process using her revolutionary food formulas for balancing meals where the body is able to naturally regulate your metabolism, removing food addictive cravings.  Reducing the desire to overeat results in weight loss naturally.   Myrna also explains how certain foods can boost your immunity and energy level.  Stop thinking weight gain is all your fault. Myrna proves it’s not a lack of willpower, but the lack of knowledge on how to properly balance meals. 

This course explains why diets don’t work, and teaches this revolutionary process of properly combining and timing foods that allows your metabolism to calibrate itself so you can live your leanest and healthiest life.


when this course begins

Live streams will be hosted through Zoom 
you will be emailed reminders, with your class ID and password, the day of streams 

1 stream per week for 4 weeks, Myrna goes over class material and answers any

questions you may have!

Reservations period for Class

This course will be limited to 15 seats per class.

Missing this sign up period will mean your name will be added to the next class' waiting list.

Please email us at MyrnaMethod@gmail.com for future enrollment questions  

Here's what will happen on the day before class starts 

You will be given access to our Members Only area where you can access your class learning material. An email will be sent to you inviting you to create a login on our website, within 24 hours you will be approved and given access.


Every week, for 4 weeks, new material will unlock on your course page. After 4 weeks all material will be unlocked. Myrna will host 4 online livestreams for members every Tuesdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm. You will be given a reminder before the class begins that day. You can submit questions for Myrna by email before the livestream or ask them on the chat in real time.


Your payment to the class also includes a 6 months subscription to our Members Only page of class material. You can extend your access to your course material

(without additional livestreams) for a small fee.

Special Offer for Participants in our course!

We welcome participants in our course to hire Myrna as their private Registered Dietitian.

As a special discount to those who take our 4 week class, we will take the price of this course off of Myrna's Private RD service fee. Inquire by email after the course for this special offer!

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