Access Healthie- Our Patient Portal!

Scheduling an appointment will generate an automatic email to our HIPAA compliant portal called Healthie. We ask that you fill out a few forms and have your doctor's office fax medical records to (844) 364 - 8258. 

  • Access to Healthie can be reached on the desktop by pressing the red Login button at the top of every page.

  • To access patient material via mobile you can download the mobile Healthie app here:

Healthie- Mobile App

Healthie can be accessed by new clients once an appointment has been scheduled and all forms are filled out. 

      "Nutrition is complicated and requires more than a cookie cutter planYour program will be individualized and tailored to your needs. lets work together and create the healthier you that will last a lifetime" 


-Myrna Haag

 Licensed Nutritionist and Founder of  Myrna Method


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