Medical Nutrition

Medical Nutrition

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What is the Myrna Method?

     The Myrna Method is a medical nutrition therapy program designed by

Myrna Haag, a registered dietitian, licensed dietitian nutritionist, that helps patients develop meal plans based on their genes, labs, medical diagnosis, and lifestyle. Healthcare professionals that understand the importance of prevention have dietitians that are specifically trained and licensed to work as part of their medical team. 

Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

To ensure you reach optimum health your personalized diet plan focuses on four main areas in designing your perfect plan. 


Myrna Method - Diet Therapy Plan:

  1. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

  2. Macro-nutrition                                 

  3. Micro-nutrition                                  

  4. Detox & Gut health                           


The Four Pillars of Myrna Method


But what we Truly like to focus on is

The Science behind the Nutrition

Medical Nutrition Therapy

       Medical Nutrition Therapy is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms through a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a registered dietitian. The framework for nutrition counseling is standardized and documented as part of the American Dietetic Association Nutrition Care Process (nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention, nutrition monitoring, and evaluation). Registered dietitians are licensed and specifically trained in medical therapies. They are the only health care professionals whom physicians and insurance companies will authorize to conduct nutrition counseling for your care.

        The nutrition assessment, medical diagnosis, and lab results are used as clinical biomarkers to identify current medical conditions and risk factors for future conditions. A dietary treatment protocol is researched for each condition and compiled into a master dietary plan.

The Myrna Method devises a tailored meal plan based on your abnormal biomarkers.



     Micro-nutrient therapy includes the essential vitamins and minerals required to keep your body operating at optimal level. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for all bodily functions, serve as co-factors for many metabolic processes, and can be found in animal and plant food sources. A deficiency in one vitamin or mineral can cause a malfunction in the brain, skeleton, nervous system, and/or immune system. The cognitive, vascular, and neurological disorders that result from vitamin and mineral deficiencies are not often recognized as a dietary problem and instead are frequently treated using drugs.

     Certain ingredients in foods can be Inflammatory agents for some people that may be decreased or eliminated based on certain medical diagnoses, genealogy, and/or inflammatory conditions. For these patients, a vitamin and mineral supplement in combination with an individualized elimination diet will be recommended.

The body has a natural detox system that uses:

  • Liver    

  • Kidney

  • Intestinal tract (gut)

Detox and Gut Therapy

Poor lifestyle, diet, certain medications, and illness can compromise the liver, kidney, and intestinal tract (gut). Research indicates that certain plant compounds may help to restore balance. Clinical research reports that the ecosystem in the gut is a complexity of good and bad bacteria. When bacteria is out of balance this can affect production of important nutrients, blood clotting, metabolic pathways for proper immune function, and breakdown of food.


A good nutrition program will support the liver, kidney, and gut by determining what foods are best suited for individual biochemistry based on your lab results, symptoms, and past and current diet history.

These organs are key to eliminating harmful agents.

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