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Adressing the Importance of the

Stages of Change

When Starting/Maintaining a Diet

     A person may not be mentally or emotionally  prepared to fully engage in a diet program because they are not at a certain stage of readiness. Sometimes we decide we want a certain outcome  but are not fully ready to engage in all that is involved in getting to our goals.  


      Research supports people pass through  5 stages of change  before they can fully engage in their desired behavior. Knowing at what stage a person is at helps determine the best methodology and  action plan for them to be successful. Healthcare professionals, family members, friends and the patient themselves become frustrated and believe this is a character flaw and not a process of change that needs to be worked through. 

       The MyrnaMethod helps patients  recognize their stage of readiness,  and provides tools and materials  that increases their motivation  to continue seeking knowledge in nutrition.   


      The MyrnaMethod helps people prepare themselves emotionally and mentally with information and skills that prepare the  brain for the action needed. Many times this means neurologically rewiring the brain’s thought patterns. The science behind this is called neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the process for the brain to reorganize itself physically through: the environment, behavior, thinking and emotions, to rewire thoughts,  neurologically, to promote a desired behavior. The brain’s thoughts can sabotage the best intentions even at the right stage of readiness. A continuous brain methodology in neuroplasticity is needed for maintenance for a desired behavior.


     The best and most effective program is worthless if the person is unable to make it happen.   

Compliance requires truthful analysis of a person’s stage of readiness, and knowledge and

tools to neurologically affect brain thought patterns.

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