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Most people struggle with their weight, live life tired, sick, and depressed and think this is normal. 

People do not know how to get out of the food prison! 

The 6 Areas of complete Health 


Medical Nutrition Thearpy

Weight loss is not about counting calories, will power, or starving but a chemical process of timing and combining  foods that creates a homeostasis (balance) where the body will naturally regulate itself.   This means you live life at your leanest and healthiest weight, naturally, with out a diet.  

As a registered dietitian I have researched 6 areas for complete health; medical nutrition therapy, food balance, exercise, detox, brain chemicals and support.  

The Myrna Method is based on this methodology, and guiding you through the process to your leanest and healthiest self.

To keeping a Healthy Life





How to begin your journey with the MyrnaMethod

 DO you want to have  energy, health and be able to maintain your ideal body weight naturally


It is not easy to make a decision to change.  To  admit what you have done in the past isn't working, and to be brutally honest with yourself you may not  have the ability to be successful.  Perhaps you have tried other diet programs before and you still struggle with weight loss, feeling tired, and you know your health could be better.      


The Myrna Method is not a diet but a lifestyle program that guides you through a process of balance


The Myrna Method makes it simple, we offer 2 programs. 

1-on-full work up

Work directly with Myrna Haag RD,LD/N.  

Nutritional analysis with Myrna  that reviews, laboratory values, genes, food records,

and comprehensive health history.


A comprehensive report that lays out

an individualized nutrition  strategy 


Myrna method meal planning consultations

exercise prescription program 


Motivational consultations with Myrna to

help you reach your goals 


Group online Class

An online class where once a week, for 4 weeks, you will be in a joint Zoom meeting with

Myrna Haag and other piers in your class.

The online group class focus on meal balancing for optimum energy and weight loss. which includes

educational videos with weekly group zoom consultations with Myrna Haag RD, LD/N.


This course reviews how properly time and combining foods creates a chemical balance that removes food addictive eating behaviors.  Myrna teaches you the science behind proper food balance as well developing meal plans that will get you to your healthiest and leanest weight, without dieting. 

Dont want to leave your house? No Problem!

We are Tele-Medicine Friendly!

   Here at MyrnaMethod we realize that sometimes we don't have the time to go to an office. Thus, we offer online video calls sessions for your 1-on-1 appointments. We use Healthie and zoom to connect with our patients through a HIPPA approved portal.  

Online services we use :


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